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"No gimmicks or false promises; just a quality CV and professional career support"

As a high-end CV writing company we will work closely with you to understand your aspirations and identify the skills and experiences which will help you achieve your goals.

With our business knowledge we do the hard work, finding the relevant examples within your career history that will sell you best and translating these into the skills and competencies that we know are looked for in the current job market.

A CV is, essentially a sales document and, in order to sell you effectively, a strong understanding of what you do and where you want to go is essential.   That's why every one of our CV consultants has business management and recruitment experience and it is this, combined with proven copywriting expertise, that makes us different from our competitors.                                                            Order Now



                                 What do we offer?

- An initial personalised CV consultation (no extra charge for telephone consultations).  Whereas many CV companies simply provide you with a standard questionnaire to complete, we will spend time assessing your current CV and will put together a tailored list of questions, specific to you and your industry.  This enables us to collect the most relevant information for inclusion on your CV.

- A designated CV Consultant.   We believe in a more personal service and will provide you with the name and contact details of your designated consultant.  Many of our consultants are also journalists or copywriters and so are not always in the office.  We therefore will provide you with a mobile telephone number of your specific contact, to ensure you can speak to them throughout the process.

- Commercial knowledge.  It is impossible to write a CV without some knowledge of your industry.  We have extensive knowledge of almost all industry sectors and keep in contact with the recruitment industry so we know exactly what needs to be on a CV.  This ensures that we can translate your information into the skills and competencies we know will be looked for in your chosen field

- Recruitment experience.  The modern recruitment approach is all about competencies and a successful CV will not only reflect the key skills looked for in any particular role, but will be presented in such a way as to enable you to predict some of the questions you will be asked at interview, thereby ensuring your are prepared.  We do constant market research with recruitment agencies to ensure our CVs are up to date and suitable for today's recruitment market.

- Copywriting experience.  This is where many CV companies fail, as a good CV is as much about presentation as it is about content.  We are able to use the information you provide us to create a hard hitting, marketing document.

- International CVs - We have experience of creating CVs for countries across the globe and can create CVs specific to your country of choice

- Our unique mentoring service.  Sometimes it's just good to know that there is someone available to talk through any problems or concerns you may have with any element of the recruitment process.   We offer a 12 month support service which includes: different versions of your CV for different industries, tailoring of your CV to suit specific jobs, advice on appropriate recruitment agencies to use, troubleshooting on any aspect of the process, advice on whether jobs are suitable or why you have been unsuccessful, career reviews to see why you are not getting the job you want

- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We will continue to work with you until you are happy with the end product

Other services include CV covering letters, an English Correction Service, application form or letter of introduction completion, any personal or commercial copywriting

A full list of CV writing / career support services is available with a clear and simple order process                                                                                            Contact Us

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Why use a Professional CV Writing Service?

  • Unlike some of the typing services out there, who will simply reformat your CV using a standard template; professional CV writers will conduct a consultation to get to understand you and what you want your CV to achieve.  We will then create an individual Curriculum Vitae from scratch, aimed specifically at helping you achieve your next career goal.
  • A CV is a very personal document and it is extremely difficult to write about yourself. We will provide you with an unbiased view of how to create the perfect CV document.
  • With extensive industry experience, we will help you decide what information should and should not be included when writing your CV.


Is it worth it?

  • The cost of our CV should equate to less than 1% of your new salary and should be viewed as a long term investment that we can continue to adapt and evolve over the coming years to ensure you continue to meet your salary expectations.
  • A professional CV can dramatically reduce the length of time it takes you to find a new role.
  • A powerful, tailored CV can have a direct impact on your salary earning potential.  An employer will formulate an initial opinion of you, based only on your CV and this will have some bearing on their ultimate salary offer.
  • If you're hitting a brick wall with recruitment agencies and simply can't secure an interview, it's invaluable to have someone to talk to who can provide input from a recruitment perspective and spend the time with you that agencies simply can't do.



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